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This product bundle has all sorts of goodies for your summer fun.  Whether you are going on a road trip, flying to your destination, or just spending some time around the neighborhood, you will benefit from having this handy kit around.

For starters, this kit has items to keep your child entertained and busy – ready in a pinch!  It includes the “fun crayon,” coloring book, Disney Grab-N-Go play pack, snack, play scenes stickers, and handy memo pad for entertainment emergencies.

Imagine being stuck at the auto shop repairing a flat tire… no problem.  Just grab one of these handy items to keep your child entertained.

This bundle also includes products for safety – the MeFinder child safety wristband (great for around town at the theme park or mall), the MediBuddy (a convenient first aid kit for car or purse), and the Child ID Kit (for fingerprinting your child – always good practice at least once a year).

We have also included some items that are great to have on hand – in the car, purse, diaper bag, stroller, etc.  Imagine being at the park and not having sunscreen or bug spray.  No problem… we’ve included convenient BugX and SunX wet wipes.  The Purell wet wipes will also come in handy before a picnic in the park or in the event of an emergency cleaning.

Visit the product page for more details on the items included:

As a parent, I thought I would never lose a child at a public place.

Of course, I had heard tales of children wandering off – not paying attention and then finding themselves lost in a crowd.  Nonetheless, when I found the MeFinder child safety wristband and read the concept behind “Show and Tell” I knew this was a product we needed to carry in our store for traveling families.

First, a dose of reality.  I NEVER thought I would lose a child.  But then it happened.  One day out at Magic Kingdom Disney theme park, we found ourselves in line waiting for a character autograph.  I turned around  and my son had vanished.  For about 5 minutes I scanned all around – my son couldn’t have gotten too far in just 30-60 seconds.  When I found him (thankfully only a few minutes later), he was standing in the middle of a crowded walkway – himself scanning for signs of his parents.  The look on his face showed that he was just a little nervous – a little while longer and I imagine he would have practiced what we taught him earlier that week when we gave him the MeFinder.

“Son, if you ever get lost and can’t find mommy or daddy, here’s what you should do:”

* don’t panic, take a deep breath, don’t worry

* find a safe adult (like a security guard, park worker, or another parent with children)

* show them your “watch” (the MeFinder), and

* tell them to call the number on your “watch” (my cell phone number I had programmed before the trip)

The Show and Tell (TM) system is such an easy way to keep your children safe.  It’s one of the most affordable, yet effective, ways to make sure your child doesn’t go through a long and possibly traumatic experience.

Plus… the kids LOVED wearing their MeFinder.  We used it all throughout our trip to Disney, and still use it for lots of events around town (like a recent charity walk).  The kids ask to wear the MeFinder!


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Did you know May 25 is the International Missing Children Day?

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MeFinder Child Safety Wristband

The MeFinder is a lightweight, adjustable, and water-resistant wrist strap designed by a mom and made especially for children. It is ideal for trips to the store, beach, swimming pool, theme parks and anywhere else where your child could wander out of sight.

MeFinder - Child Safety Digital Wristband photo 6
$19.95 only $16.95!

The programmable child safety wristband stores up to 5 phone numbers and your child wears the band when they go out. If your child gets lost, they “SHOW&TELL”, where they show the band to a safe adult and tell them to call mommy or daddy or whoever is on the wristband. Even if you think it is unlikely for your kid to get lost, you would be surprised how often it happens and how terrifying it could be if your child isn’t prepared for the experience.


Summer Family Fun Kit

Here is another special offer – a Summer Family Fun Kit that includes a MeFinder for your child!  Click the product link to see all the contents – special reduced price for this promotion!
Around Town Kit for Toddler - Pic 2
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National Center for Missing and Exploited Children

The National Center for Missing and Exploited Children reports that nearly 2000 children are reported missing EVERY DAY!

You can support the National Center for Missing Children by sending them a donation at or calling them at 1-800-THE-LOST (1-800-843-5678)

Disclaimer: NCMEC does not benefit from the sale of our goods or services.  There is no endorsement by NCMEC of any individual, entity, product, goods, services, program, event, or web site associated with this business.  Nor does this business have any affiliation, partnership, or sponsorship with or by NCMEC.


This may be a no-brainer for some parents but it was a little “gem” we discovered this morning.

At Disney (and probably a lot of theme parks) parents are usually going to want a diaper bag, backpack, or other bag. It’s just very convenient to carry your items with you and most theme parks expect this. However, they do need to manage safety and so there are “bag inspection” checkpoints where they will quickly check your bag (and watching your behavior as they go through the inside pockets). I really think this is a psychological checkpoint more than a safety check – but that’s another blog post.

Here’s the tip: When going through the bag checkpoint – choose either the left or right most lane. Why? Statistics. Sometimes the park will have one security guard checking for two lanes (alternating from left to right as parents move through like cattle). but when you select the very left or very right, there is a higher probability that you will get a lane where a security guard only has the one lane to check. It may not save much time – but when you are trying to get in (say for a parade) every little bit helps. You are going to spend a lot of time waiting in line, this might help just a little bit when you get started.

Another tip: (and this one should be obvious)… leave your weapons in the car. You are very unlikely to need your concealed handgun at the theme park and if you get caught bringing in a weapon you will just slow down the line for yourself and those behind you. Over the years, I’ve read lots of posts and debate about Disney’s rule with weapons. But the simple answer is that you can leave your gun at home – you won’t need it.

More tips tomorrow….

Comments/Questions? (other than debate about concealed handgun license questions)…

We were shocked – and happy – when our kids asked to brush their teeth again. Our kids are already pretty great about brushing teeth before bed time and quite often also in the morning. But this day they wanted to brush teeth when they woke up… and then again after eating breakfast … and finally a third time while we were packing our luggage to leave the hotel.

As it turns out, they really enjoyed the “Smile Buddy” Oral hygiene kits that we brought along with us for this trip.

Inside the kit, we found toothpaste, fun stickers, a toothbrush, travel kid-friendly floss picks, and a sand timer. The kids really enjoyed the timer and brushing their teeth long enough for all the sand to fall through. I have to admit it was longer than I normally brush my teeth, but probably the right dentist-approved amount of time.

We did note that the toothpaste was “with flouride” so we still needed our toddler toothpaste for our youngest child. But we definitely recommend the Smile Buddy for hotel stays and road trip. If you are flying, you may need to open it ahead of time to take the toothpaste out (to put in your ziplock bag for airport scans.